Asylum project

These things are to be at first:

(all pictures for example only )


1. Cottage Adapted for special needs of disabled people who use wheelchair like wide passages, handles and handrails and everything like that.
Include five bedrooms with shower+toilet ~ 15+5X5=100 square meters
living room ~ 20-25 square meters
staff room/guest room/rest room ~ 15-20 square meters
kitchen+dining room ~ 25-35 square meters
physiotherapy room ~ 25-30 square meters
~ 250-300 square meters in total aproximately.

2. Individual electric mobilizers for a short trips.


3. Means of locomotion like fitted for carrying wheelchair users car also could employ for any needs of community.

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solar   electric boil

5. Solar & electric water heater 250-300 liters volume aprox.



4. Physiotherapy room staffed with equipement for inside use.

You can donate according your trust and assurance in this project's future

Thank you!


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