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  • Who am I?

    I am an ordinary person diagnosed with multiple sclerosis more than ten years ago. Now I use a wheelchair and it disturbs me very much. I've got treatment as a lots of people in the world, it keeps me alive but brings no much improvement. Some time ago I decided to change something in my own life and – if possible – in the lives of other people. Now it's only an idea, and nothing more. In fact, I do not know yet what step to do next, but I am sure that this idea will be embodied. More about me you can find Here.
    So please spend a few minutes on reading it carefully. If these issues do not concern you just leave this page and forget. Thank you!
    Writing this article became possible due to the Google translator, so I am especially grateful to Google. Hope my English is understandable enough.


  • Whom is it dedicated to?

    This draft is specifically designed for people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis who have such manifestations of disease like psychological problems which often occur among the people with this diagnosis, for example low self-esteem or disorientation in a cardinal life direction, for those who have retained clear mind and are not satisfied with its discrepancy to those weakened body. This project is an attempt to make life psychologically more comfortable as much as it possible.


  • The main goals and tasks.

    In virtually any website of Multiple Sclerosis Society, which exists in almost every country, there is a section called "life with multiple sclerosis" where you can find tips on how to organize daily life in an optimal way. They all resemble each other and it is not surprising because the problems are the same regardless of language, religion and race. Disease makes its own demands and everybody has to somehow adapt to them. The first action that is necessary to be done is to split problem into two parts, one of them being those that we cannot change, for example reaction to heat and fever or difficulty to walk, and the other being those we can change and should pay closer attention to. The latter patients can solve on their own. That is the purpose of the project.
    Eventually course of disease, quality of life and its fullness depend a lot on the patients themselves, on their attitude towards their disease. Maximum independence in daily life is one of the main goals of the project. At the same time it is aimed at maximum possible distraction from the manifestations of disease.


  • How it supposed to work?

    Warm and friendly atmosphere of the home by the Ocean shore allows patients to stay away from lots of daily life disorders. People from all over the world, living together are trying to overcome disease using psychological training and many other techniques (such a meditation, communication with horses (hippotherapy), drawing, music, and so on).
    The main difference of this project from existing ones is that the participants do not remain passive recipients of certain services, but get directly involved in a common cause. For example housekeeping is one of things everyone is trying to do on their own as much as they can.
    How I imagine what it will be staffed with - something like that, look Here.
    Every evening guests summing up the passed day and making comments and suggestions to each other, sharing their thoughts on how to improve the results. Self continues action is a singularity of this idea. During each period of staying guests discuss the requests of the next applicants received by Internet. Their aim is to select five candidates who will be the following lodgers. Next guests arrive after period of one month.


  • Where could it be located?

    At first location of this project was supposed to be at the western coast of Ireland. But after discussion with different specialists were suggested other options, such as Portugal or New Zealand. So finally it could be any place preferably over the seashore with mild climate that is very important because of MS specifics. Sea or ocean has a strong psychological effect that is essential for maintaining mental comfort.

    Now if you understood at least roughly what it is about I really will be happy to know your opinion. I still do not know precisely where and exactly how everything will be organized, and in order to hear your comments and suggestions I made this page.
    Please leave your comments here: Guestbook or using E-mail. Your opinion is very important for the future of this project. Hope the time you spent to read it is not was wasted. Thank you!



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